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Share & Spare - taxi booking and car sharing for the worldwide ecology and money conscious traveller

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Entwickler Fabrizio Bartolomucci

* Share your taxi, car or walking paths in an uncluttered map.
* Subscribe to other peoples paths to join in their trips.
* Extend your own paths or those of other users to create complex paths.
* Book taxis by either clicking on them or selecting the closest one.
* Be informed of the foreseen cost of a taxi ride.
* Follow the booked taxi while it is reaching you.
* Support in the case of lost property or similar events in a subscribed taxi due to the taxi registration

An app for the social lover of environment and money saving!

Ever wanted to meet other people along a route, be they known or strangers, without even exchanging a message? Or find some partner for a long journey by car to also share the costs with? Or finally go somewhere by taxi, sharing the cost with other going the same direction? Just draw your path and others around your position may join in. You do not need to keep your app active in order to be found, as your positions is also transmitted while you read your email or use any other app by taking advantage of the most battery saving technology available: yet continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Are you the leader of a travel group tired of going around with a funny cap or flag always afraid of losing someone? Just draw your path on the map and your guests will never get lost again.

Are you willing to entice visitors to your city to see the most beautiful locations? Share & Spare is also for you.

Finally did I mention the app is part of the inArrivo suite and consequently impinges into the ample allotment of subscribed taxis worldwide?!
Hundreds of taxi drivers have already joined the program and all of them are available to be booked by you for free and sometimes at a premium price with the option of even sharing their costs with thousands other users.

An app that takes social network to the road, an exploit not unlike that in the 70s respect to the static nature of old fashioned social networks, and that even saves you some money, what is surely not to be easily dismissed!

In order to offer its services, the app localizes the users and, in order to give accurate information to taxi drivers and fellow traveller, and offer specific functionalities, the app keeps on localizing the user even while in background, albeit using energy saving technologies. Notwithstanding it is not used in this app, please consider that "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."